1978: Television

The Complete Pacific Comics Re-Reading Blog Series presents:


by Rick Geary

I really enjoyed Geary’s San Diego booked, published simultaneously by Schanes and Schanes, so I had some expectations for this book. I mean, it’s Rick Geary, on of my favourite artists, doing a book about TV? There’s so much he could do.

Oh, and it’s signed. Nice. I got it from Randy’s Rarities, and he included a letter saying that he knows Geary and has him sign stuff. So now you know where to go for signed Geary books.

OK, back to the book: I’m disappointed. There’s an uneasy mix here between Geary expressing disdain for TV (in straight-forward or oblique ways) and his normal skewed observational drawings.

But it seems shockingly uninspired for a Geary book. I mean, nobody can draw objects like him, but I found myself impatient reading this book. It doesn’t seem very inspired.

And usually Geary is brimming with inspiration, which is what makes his comics usually so fascinating. There’s usually a feeling of him distilling his ideas into their essences and just putting that down on the page.

Here it’s less non-sequitur than just … non-sense.

Still, you can’t fault these objects. They are Geary objects, and that’s something.

And I want that TV set.

OK, and that’s that: I think that, finally, this blog series is over. Unless I discover some more Pacific Comics stuff that I haven’t done, that is.

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