1984: Thrillogy

The Complete Pacific Comics Re-Reading Blog Series presents:


by Tim Conrad

Thrillogy (1984) #1

I assumed that this was a collection of reprints by Tim Conrad…

… but these are new comics made specifically for this comic? And as the name implies, there’s three of these stories.

Conrad, of course, is mostly known for being a sci-fi comics artist, but he tries his hand on three different things here: The first is about The Awakening Of Consciousness In Humanity, or something.

The second is medieval, and is about alchemy (or rather; not alchemy). It’s oddly reproduced: Either Conrad wanted the pages to look all wispy like this, or somebody at Pacific screwed up.

The story is very text-heavy, and I lost faith in the story half-way through.

Artistic choice or production error? You be the judge.

The problem with most of the book is that it’s just not very legible. All the drawings, and the foreground and the backgrounds, have the same weight, so my eyes just skid around on the pages without finding purchase. The colouring doesn’t help at all, making everything look even more samey.

In short, this isn’t a very good book: The stories are rather portentous and not very interesting, and the artwork is disappointing: Conrad is usually better than this.

I was unable to find anybody on the interwebs talking about this book, so I guess nobody really paid much attention.

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