1984: Jerry Iger’s Famous Features

The Complete Pacific Comics Re-Reading Blog Series presents:

Jerry Iger’s Famous Features

by Jerry Iger, Matt Baker &c

Jerry Iger’s Famous Features (1984) #1

Jerry Iger… Ah! He was the other guy in the Eisner/Iger studio. I didn’t make the connection looking at the two previous Caplin-Iger-copyrighted things that Pacific had published.

This was supposed to be an ongoing comic book, reprinting stuff that Jerry Iger apparently owned. No dates are mentioned, but these are apparently not reprints, but instead pieces that were never used. I’m guessing these are from the 40s? 30s?

The first piece is written by Ruth A Roche and with artwork by Matt Baker, and is the only strip worth reading. It’s got a charming flow to it: It’s all portents and mysteries and stuff.

And Baker’s artwork’s quite nice.

Jerry Iger writes a bit about the pieces.

The last two stories I can definitely understand why were never published: They’re overwritten and rather incomprehensible. But are written by Iger; the first is drawn by Baker…

… and the Wonder Boy feature by Jerry Maxwell.

Based on these two stories, whatever talents Iger had, they were not in writing comics.

Next issue, the reprints were supposed to start, but that never happened.

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