1984: Famous Movie Stars of the 30’s

The Complete Pacific Comics Re-Reading Blog Series presents:

Famous Movie Stars of the 30’s

by Toni Rosett

Famous Movie Stars of the 30’s (1984) #1

This little booklet has an odd format: It’s 28x9cm. So very wide and not very tall. And my question when getting the booklet in the mail recently was “who on Earth is this for?”, but the cover helpfully says “A Collection for Movie Fans and Nostalgia Buffs”.

Which also explains the price, which is the outrageously high (for the time) $3 for a tiny black-and-white booklet.

This has the Pacific Comics logo on the front, but the publisher is the Schanes Bros other outfit, Blue Dolphin Enterprises, Inc.

Did I mention that the booklet is very wide? I managed to get it all in frame anyway.

The strip reprinted (from 1937) is a collection of random factoids about a bunch of actors. I mean… that’s a fascinating fact I’m sure.

And who wouldn’t want to know that Caesar Romero (sic) makes his coffee in a Silex coffee pot? I mean, I’ve gone my whole life without knowing, but now I know.

I did not know that, but that does sound like Ginger Rogers.

So the artwork is mainly straight-up photo-reference tracing, and the factoids aren’t very interesting, so it’s difficult to understand why Pacific published it.

But it was apparently part of a concerted effort to get into the oldie reprint market, and we’ll cover the other two books in this effort later in this blog series.

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